NodeBox 3 has been released.

Hey All.

I just found out that nodebox 3 has been released. Skipped version 2 I have been waiting for this to happen for so long I forgot it was there and now I justed stole a peek at the website and its all brand new and goodlooking.
The editor itself has had some severe improvements from v1 to v3 including many many more nodes, better realtime feedback and support for both Win, Mac and Lin.

Even though it is only 2D it is immensely fun to play with and really great for Generative Art.

Thanks, I believe I will try this out !

Seems gorgeous thanks for the heads up

Thanks for pointing this out!
Could be an interesting link for data representation using combined with blender. Feels a bit of a slug on Lin tho.

Can I use images(jpg) as input in Nodebox, I need to generate a grid with randomly positioned images

Too bad the design doesn’t give the impression of being able to use it for complex, detailed, high-res, and seamless texture generation, the FOSS world is in dire need of a good texture generator (Neo Texture Edit just doesn’t cut it compared to the commercial solutions or even Mapzone, that’s why I plunked down 250 USD to pre-order Genetica Pro V. 4).

It is nice that it outputs vector as well as raster images.