NodeCustomBuilder 2.8 (Free addon)

I just buy it . It looks very fit my workflow . i have lot’s of nodes.
Is it possible to update the node that we save .? May be addon can show us the node’s properties tha t we select in the addon panel ,so we can change it and update it.
I see all node are saved as .json
And i can’t rename the node name by double clik node.
I use the NodeCustomBuilder that download from my gumroad library

Nice addon :heart_eyes: but if you install the free version v61 it says the version is 0.0.50

I’m very lasy to update those version texts. I try to do better :slight_smile:

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Thanks for feedback. I will take a look for dblclick to rename preset.

About updating nodes after save. This is a little tricky to do and I haven’t found a good way to code this feature yet. My goal is to finish webpage and I hope that in the future user can use that webpage to preview their presets and also to update them.

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but can’t find folder Path in settingsScreen Shot 2020-02-12 at 2.29.47 PM

Are you planning to make this work with animation nodes too? That would be so cool!

It’s possible to do, but I haven’t found a good way to do it yet. The main issue is that animations in nodes are very scene linked. So if user saves animated nodes in one scene it really dosen’t work with other scene and user ends up to edit all animated nodes and it takes too much time. If someone has a good idea how handle this I’m all ears :slight_smile:

It’s not done yet.

Great idea you had there, really like to have a list instead of always appending stuff.
That said, i believe i stumbled upon a little bug.

I created some Node Groups based on a tutorial and saved them in a .blend file.
I appended them and added them in the list, which all worked fine, but when i selected them in your add-on and clicked on “Load Preset”, the group that appeared did not come out right.
Here the situation easier to understand as a visual:

Would be nice if you could fix the change of the input too, so it stays like the Node Group was build.

Your script works for Windows Blender, can you make it work for Windows Bforartists as well?

Hi guys ! Used the addon a bit lately, but i’m working on several computers, so i faced the case where from one computer to another, i wouldn’t have the same library as it is saved to your “Documents” folder.
And as i’m too lazy to copy past every time, i modified the script so you can define you library path in the addon preferences.

I thought someone else could find it useful, so i share the code here. Copy this file in the NodeCustomBuilder folder :slight_smile:|attachment (39.8 KB)

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Would it be possible to add support for nodes in light objects? (area, spot, etc.)