Nodes 4D noise texture > displace modifier? (for "seething" or "turbulence")

Hi folks,

I want to have a noise texture feed into the displace modifier, and i want it to “seethe”, like one can do using the noise texture node set to “4D”.

Anyone have any idea how i can pipe this sort of turbulent noise into a modifier?

Thanks and sorry if anything i said made no sense!

Unfortunately you can not use Cycles/EEVEE textures in modifiers at the moment.

It will be possible in the future but at the moment modifiers use the old type of (Blender Internal) textures.

Only thing I can think of is to bake out the images. Here is one that creates a non seamless pattern, but looping seamless in time.

While you can create a seamless 2D pattern utilizing the 3rd and 4rth dimension, you can’t animate it properly without a sliding effect (that I know of anyway).

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Thanks guys, looking forward to nodes everything!

I forgot you can use a film as the texture in displace, so that’s a pretty decent workaround, albeit hard to tweak and experiment.