Nodes don't refresh Movie files, why?

I have been trying a bit of colour correction on a quicktime file through composite nodes. If I map a plane and put it in front of the camera the movie file refreshes correclty. But if I use an Image/movie input node as the source, the movie file won’t refresh at all!?

What can I do to eliminate the camera step as I don’t want accidental resizing or clipping of the image?

Just tried it again, but this time I loaded the movie direct rather than selecting a pre assigned movie from a texture map, and it works. Of course it doesn’t update in the nodes window as it requires a render for each new frame.

if you add a viewer node and route your output to it and split the screen to add a UV Image window and make the viewer node active in the UV window, your image will update when you change frames and you won’t need to render each time as long as the little “auto” button is depressed on your image input node.

It is a bug in blender. It will only update if the node has focus or the object it is applied to is selected.