nodes editor / stereo image

is it possible and how to make a stereo image 3D
to be seen with specail gogle in 3D - with red and blue filter
if i remember well it is !

seen this before but cannot remember where !

is there a tut on this subject
or may a sample file showing the nodes setup?

any help appreciated

Wrong section Ricky but you can try to model some stereo render node ( very complex mesh ) :wink:
Seriously - I saw Nodes setup but can’t remeber where. This script will do it for you :

i think this is special modelisaiton
where else would you put htis?

i found another noob site

but this is not using nodes

i;m certain i’v seen one somewehre using nodes!

anybody has an idea using nodes on this

might be a lot easier ot do then applying a script !


I think it’s not modelling technique but Composition, Visual Effects & Rendering.
Anyway the script renders your scene as red-cyan stereo image and you can wear red-cyan glasses to watch your art in stereo. For me works just fine but if you need Nodes setup for learning practice I can’t help you this time.

2 min search :

the last one seems with nodes

so i’ll test with this one

i tough it was simpler but i 'll try it

tested the file from wiki for nodes

but cannot make the nodes to the output

cannot see the pics in output nodes?

any help on this !