Nodes everywhere...

Hi there,

I think the node-based approach to compositing and shading is really a great enhancement to Blender. But are there any developments right now to go a step further and maybe enable node-based modelling, particle engines, physics, game engine?

So, in other words: How would you like it if Blender becomes a bit more like Houdini?


Node based modeling? what?

Well, there is some work done for node based modifiers and node based particles. Dunno how that is turning out…
Not sure about anything else, but I believe many things will move to nodes eventually. I’d really love to see driver nodes replace the current driver system. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm node based moddeling? :spin::spin::spin:

Isn’t that the same thing as node based modifiers? Seems so.

yes, blender must be change
we need a totally new blender

Are there node based modifiers in Blender? I haven’t found anything like that… but I’m quite new to Blender, so could be that I missed something.

Not yet there aren’t.
But there’s a wip.

lol. long live Endi

…is that you, Endi? :eyebrowlift2:

Anyway, node-based modifiers sounds pretty interesting! I mean, I like the Stack the way it is, I find it nice and clear, but maybe using nodes as an alternate way to display them could work too (similar to how the Oops Schematic/Outliner-tree worked in 2.4x…unless of course I’m not remembering it correctly)

Is there some information about this WIP anywhere? I would like to add my 2 cents… :wink:

my impressions after watching that forest tutorial:

  1. houdini seems really powerful, but also very tricky to use, being its interface full of commands and menus everywhere. the guy also had to type a tiny string of code to get a random rotation!
  2. a node system for blender modifiers would make the job. it would allow at least two cool things: sharing modifiers-nodegroups all-through scenes and files, and creating customized interfaces (just like in the houdini tutorial) for nodegroups, with just few parameters exposed to control the object
  3. blender needs more modifiers!!!

3D NODES! Anyone?

Rhino has Grasshopper for node 3D modeling.

Grasshopper is awesome! You should try it. Its possible to download a 30 day free trial of Rhino and grasshopper is free.

It is awesome but is not for animation. Softimage’s ICE is amazing, I haven’t played too much with it but you can do almost everything (modeling, rigging, particles, etc) with nodes so you can do much more complex stuff.


Of course, you can just use the Copy Modifiers command for a group of selected objects, but having multi-user modifiers would ROCK :ba: