Nodes have lost their screens (2.68a)

Some time ago, I saved a Blend file with a node setup for haze. When I opened it today, all the little image screens are gone from the nodes. I tried to set up some new nodes in a new file - same problem with all nodes that should have display screens. Also, the background image is missing in the node window. Attached are two screen shots, the upper one from the past and the lower one from the same file now.

Thanks for any clues.


(Sorry, I couldn’t resist to the urge to poke you mockingly…)

These youngsters nowadays really expect everything to be spoon-fed to them. They click high and low and, when something doesn’t work as they expect, they run amok and scream “Bug!” in every forum.

Seriously, from whose a… err… From where do you expect Blender to pull out the images to display on the nodes?

Pull that spoon out of your… mouth and use it to press [F12]. You’ll see a miracle in technicolor!

:smiley: (Don’t take this personally or even seriously, just press [F12] and do the traditional facepalm.) :wink:

I hope you saved your render.

Replace ‘Render Layer’ with image and load up your rendered image.

Blender saves renders to a temporary file by default,when it’s closed the temporary file is wipes.

Kaluura - thanks for the answer. This forum is reasonably free of your kind of condescending know-it-all crap. Let’s try to keep it that way. If you need attention, go somewhere else.

DCBloodHound - thanks much. I got this file from someone else and was unaware that those node images required a previous render.

Yes, something to keep in mind is that images created with Blender , either from rendering or painting them, will disappear on your next session unless you manually save them into a file or pack them into the blend.

@John Howard: :smiley: It looks like my attempt at humor was lost in the translation. Nevermind, you got your answer, it’s all that matters.

Next time, I’ll put bigger flashing and very explicit signs saying “I’m joking”. (I also despise condescending… guys.)

Kaluura! I too have noticed that

This forum is reasonably free of your … condescending know-it-all crap
Wasn’t always that way - I conclude that you are not posting often enough! How about a crackle texture workaround for cycles. That should keep your post count up.:evilgrin:

@DruBan: I already looked into the OSL version of Voronoi Crackle and, so far, the only idea I have is to “re-write” it entirely with Cycles nodes. I’d say that it’s possible… in theory. In practice, it might be quite complicate (Super fun!) :wink: but maybe slow too. Start a fundraising campaign and contact me again when you’ll reach 5 digits. :smiley: