Nodes - how to split a path?

I can’t figure out how to split the threads between each component of a node set up like this:

I can’t figure out the terminology to explain this better, correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the lines joining the components are called threads? The manual wasn’t very helpful. I want to add a colour node half-way along a thread, and then make another thread from that node to some other component. Also, two of the threads have arrows on - how can I specify a direction like that?

I’m on a Mac, but I have access to PCs too.



Those that connect nodes are wires but many call them by their nickname “noodles”.

Yellow dot that creates a split in the wire is a layout node called “reroute”. You can add one quickly by shift+left mouse click and dragging over the wire. Direction is always from output socket to input socket but Blender shows that direction between multiple reroutes for clarity.

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Thanks! That worked. I had to use the shift+LMB to get it to work, there is no option under layout for reroute in my version. Perhaps I looked in the wrong place - anyway, the keyboard shortcut works.



Thank you.
Sorry for reviving this old thread, but this was very difficult to find in the documentation, especially when one does not know what the parts are called in node systems. I was trying to find “those little dots/points that allow dividing/split the lines that connect the nodes”