Nodes on OS X

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I just noticed a little rendering glitch within my nodes display,
this appears on OS X, MacBookPro 10.5.5 .
Is someone aware of this and is there a setting/workaround available?
I havn’t found detailed information about this on my own…

Thanks in advance

Driver issue… bad Apple coders!
I have seen it on similar macs, it appeared on one of the OSX 10.5 updates, and probably goes away on the next.

Same here on my Macbook Pro. It’s probably a driver issue, but infortunately 10.5.5, released recently, didn’t fix it.

A workaround for this was added to the development version on sept 10, these two builds probably have it:

Thanks brecht, that’s good to know! This following build works for me on OS X:

The materials looks abit out of place, depending on it’s zoom level but that’s just fine.
At least i have a better preview of my materials now. :yes:


hey, that is good news! and i may say, workaround or not, it’s FIXED!! wahooo!
thanks you superhero-developers!!
(and shame on you, apple! 10.5.5 out, and no fix for this openGL-issue!)


This last issue is fixed within the latest svn versions.
A big thanks to the developers! :RocknRoll:

Awesome! Are the backround image probs worked around for this Svn? Please keep this thread active It’ll take some time to restart into OSX… :stuck_out_tongue: