Nodes Tutorial

Any idea where I may find a good tutorial for nodes ?

I don’t think there are any tutorials yet. I think it is just a case of two things:

  • Looking around the forum for information.
  • ExperimentingNodes are the sort of thing for which there are tecniques, and methods for various tasks; but for some things, the only way to find out is to play with them until it does what you want:).

For option 1, try these:

Thanks for asking, actually, because I just found the release notes (in progress) for Blender 2.42:D:D:D.

venomgfx (4 nodes)


I reckon the best info on compositing with nodes is in the book by Steve Wright:

Its a tad expensive, but its probably the best book for it’s field.

Blender has most of the nodes it mentions, except the channel math, and combine RGB ( which is missing for some bizarre reason)…