Nodevember 2021 Compilation

Its over at last! Nodevember this year was quite fun and I didn’t get burnt out at all. In fact, I was actually looking forward to make the artworks everyday. Here all the artworks, enjoy!


I also started a thread over on devtalk about some of the inconveniences about GN

I packed all the blend files and put them up on my Gumroad. Feel free to study them, modify them, or use them in your own projects. You can pay if you want to.


Awesome results, and I love how you took care of this post :ok:

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Thanks! On a related note, I remember there being a “choose thumbnail” button when you clicked the edit icon beside the header, but not anymore. Has something changed?

Yeah we’re using another gallery component now. Here’s how to select a thumbnail.

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Beautiful works, and great presentation too. :+1:

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