Nodevember 21-22 "Tiny": Spherical Harmonics



These are the first few complex spherical harmonics, which define the angular dependence of the Hydrogen atom’s quantum wavefunction. This wavefunction says essentially where it’s likely to find an electron hanging out around a hydrogen atom. So for example, if you lined up a lot (like, a lot a lot) of Hydrogen atoms in a row, measured the location of the electron for each, and plotted the positions, it would reproduce a cloud of points that looks a little bit like these shapes.

Anyway, doesn’t get (too much) tinier than the “electron cloud” of an atom.


This was all done in Sverchok, which I honestly don’t know how anyone lives without. I’m no good at geometry nodes. One day, though.


I love a bit of science in 3D :slight_smile: Welcome to Blender Artists !

That’s awesome work! I’ve been doing a project lately that plays with these harmonics, it’s great to have yours as a reference :smiley:.

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I am very interested in Spherical Harmonics, can I get the file or a more clear image of the nodes.
Thanks a lot.