Nodevember Day 13- Medieval

Looks like the default cube is finally gonna get its revenge. Everything done with vector displacement. No modelling.


Everything done in Blender

#Nodevember #Nodevember2020


Could you send the nodes you used for this. This looks amazing by the way.

Thank you, I will

How long does it typically take to make one of these using nodes?

2-4 hours depending on complexity. This one took about 3

Here you go:

Grouped up:

Get the blend file: sword.blend (1.6 MB) (One good thing about prodedural stuff is that the file size is pretty small!)

In my experience the best way to explore a node group is to press m and mute some nodes and see what they do.

Thank you! Your Nodevember projects have been a big help.

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Best of luck making your own artwork!

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