Nodevember Day-17 & 18 : Black

So I tried to recreate an old work of mine which can be found here

The concept was to be as minimalistic as possible with flat lighting in order to get very basic shapes and focus more on the topic black. So black beaches are a thing and they look out of this world and lighting such as that has always had me in awe.

The main structure was fairly simple with cubes stacked on top of each other rotating at some incrementing angle, which was instanced on a grid with 2 points in the x and y direction, with a stretched cube as a light source in the middle.

For the ground, a displaced grid was set to instance a simply distorted icosphere. I tried to restrict the distribution to what was visible to the camera by some very cheap tricks.

For the sea, and yes there is one, it was just a displaced grid.

Shaders are simple with basic Principled BSDF shaded with 0.5 as a roughness.

Couldn’t do much with geometry nodes because firstly I am a beginner and secondly it takes far too many nodes to do a simple thing (this annoys me so much).

Overall it turned out great and hope this tool develops much more in the future.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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