Nodevember Day 21-22 Tiny; moss

like all prompts since green, I made a plant.
For me it’s a simple topic, to come up with fitting ideas.

here is my version of Tortula muralis, the wall screw-moss.
i found it outside, and it is realy super tiny. did not see alot.
made with geometrynodes and the Erindale Toolkit

I wonder how much plants have a simple enough structure ( like phyllotaxis and not much more) to be relatively simple to build with geonodes. It’s a lot.
hope, i will come up with something for the big prompts, which will not be a tree.
Trees seem complicated!

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nodetree is a mess. i accidentally deleted the first part of the leaves, while ‘tidying’ it up.
recovered it and made a group. if anyone really want’s to know, i can do a new screenshot.
otherwise this will have to do it