Nodevember Day 29-30; Huge, Rafflesia

Rafflesia arnoldii. the giant Padma; the worlds largest flower, it lives fully parasitic on vines. that saves me work on leaves, also it’s supposed to smell like rotten meat. I love it, looks so gore-ish and extraterrestrial.

Made with geometrynodes and the Erindale Toolkit,

Also i made the mistake to shade it before bringing it to scale. So it’s 20 meters big in the render, because i was too lazy, to rescale the textures. which had generated coordinates. is there a way to avoid rescaling the textures?
I noticed also that the scale (of the flowers textures) changed when scaling the biggest object (ground-grid) in this nodeobject/nodetree. I am not sure, if that was my mistake somewhere, or
somehow odd. is this supposed to behave this way?
This is the most shaded geonodes thing i have made jet and i am not sure if i done everything right.
It works, but it was a bit tedious.

I used a solidify for the disk-thing inside beneath the stamens. but it would probably look the same without:

it’s barely visible in the renders, which is a pity for because i liked the outcome of it.
there are some possibilities to save a bit poly-count for performance

Nodevember was great. So many great Artworks by everyone!
I am glad that i took part. Looking forward to next Year

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