Nodevember prompts

And there goes Novembers productivity…


So, what are the rules?

Not even sure if that’s about shader or compositing.

Good question, I’m just reposting to let you know.

I’d say procedurals materials. But for some stuff together with some basic geo I guess.

Sustance posted this a few days ago, is this the same event?

If i’ts substance then it’s all materials madness :smiley:

I think it is. But I don’t think it is program specific.

I did Inktober a few years ago and only thing what I know is that is a way to keep your creativity flowing. Challenge yourself every day by taking the prompt and create something. It does not have to be perfect. It is more about doing and trying then anything else. When finished post on social media (that includes BA I guess).
I hope this clarifies the idea a bit.

As Jake Parker (founder of Inktober) says: “Finished, not perfect!”

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Technically yes… but also no. The idea sprang up independently during the Blender Conference. A handful of folks were talking about it and hashing out the idea on Twitter. The day after all the conference festivities were over (and a domain was purchased), Substance posted their tweet before the Blender Conference folks could make their announcement.

So… now there’s an unofficial goal of getting as many Blender node pieces on that hashtag as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:


So it was still meant as a procedural material creation month?

I think the original spirit was materials… but I’m sure it’d be great to see things made with Animation Nodes or Sverchok or particle nodes as well.

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I thought it was the same at first, then saw a tweet that said the idea came up during bconf, and another saying the idea came from someone from substance.

Is there a mole among the ranks of the blender community?

Whatever the origin, I’ll play! Some blenderheads are node wizards. I can’t wait to see a month of kickbutt tricks revealed! Even on my own YouTube channel, I haven’t had a graceful way to share node tutorials with my couple of dozen followers. Nodevember is brilliant!

Day 1: Lava