I don’t like to constantly make new topics so I’ll be posting everything in here


We need a pepperoni roll node group :smirk:

You can, but by posting like this your work won’t appear in the gallery. By default, only the first image of the first post in a topic will be shown.

I do inktober and nodevember really just to see if I can do the whole month not really show off. It’s just part of the challenge. I’ve had a account here for a long time. Deciding to finally use it for more than just lurking


A little late today but here’s today’s

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Here going on and posting today and tomarrow’s post

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Here’s today’s Nov. 9-10

Geometry nodes

Moons’ shaders

planet shader

rings’ shaders

the world’s shader


Here’s today’s November 11 and 12

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Here’s today’s November 13 and 14

Almost forgot about this.

Here’s today & yesterday’s for blue (nov15&16)

Here’s today’s for nov.17-18- black

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here’s nodevmber 19-20- white

Now for November 21-22 - tiny

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For November 23-24 - small

Here’s Nov 25&26 Medium.

Here’s November 27&28 Huge. I did another space theme.

November 29&30 Huge. Here’s my final one. It was suppose to be a galaxy but came out bad and it took me two hours to render so. I’m stuck with it

This has been a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about geometry nodes along the way.