Noise and Bend modifiers?


Does Blender have Noise and Bend modifiers as Max do?
Noise applies 3d noise warp to an object.
And bend modifier bends and objects. I tried simple deform from blender, but it works in a different and confined way - so I could not bend an object as in max.

Noise can be achieved with a displace mod and a “clouds” texture. - set the texture to coloured, and the displace mod to RGB to XYZ

As for bend… I actually prefer to use a lattice.

Thank you very much…
Is it ok to ask here these kind of questions?

For bend there is simple deform modifier set to bend. I’ve recently done a Blender for Max users tutorial series. Part 7 is modifiers.

I tried to use simple deform, but it doesn’t work in different axis. So I have to pick only one for deformation. But max allows to bend in multiple ways.

Yes - please ask these kind of questions…

Though it is best to explain what the feature in the other software does - especially if it’s a more obscure feature.

Here as an example: I can’t combine this two options…

In Edit Mode you can also bend using Shift + W:

1: Place 3D cursor at desired bend pivot position.
2: Select vertices to bend.
3: Place pointer at the outer end of the vertices to bend.
4: Press Shift + W to activate Warp.

Hold Alt to make the bend affect the other side of the cursor as well.


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