Noise and interior renders (Cycles)

Hi all,

I have a scene entirely closed, except for a big window in one wall, and I want to use cycles again. My biggest concern is noisy render, because I don’t want to open a wall or something and neither use mesh/area lights to simulate Sky light (reflection seems to be “not to strong” and I can’t achieve the same color as SkyTexture) to make the render easier to calculate. As fair as I know, Cycles don’t have a portal, so it has something that I should do to make render time faster? Of course, not overcharge Cycles with complicated materials and all that stuff. I’m asking because my last interior render, and first with cycles, took more than 60 hours (CPU) to make 3k samples and yet no clean enough - it was basically the same thing: closed scene with a window, but smaller in this case.


thanks Alain! I took a fast look at it and seems to be very interesting :slight_smile: I’m finishing the modeling and then i’ll see this deeper.