Noise and UVspheres

How can I apply noise to a UV sphere?

through the materials->textures panel

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Thanks, but I ment the noise in the editing>mesh tools menu.

Noise in the mesh tool only works on the z-axis, if you want a texture to displace on all axis’s use a displacement modifier.

Or you can set Proportional editing on, set it to random falloff, random select verticies on the sphere and use Alt-S

Random Fractal also works nice but beware of a doubled/tripled poly count.

Subdivide splits faces into 4 parts so you’d get a quadrupled poly count at the least, not the best way for basic randomness unless you need more polys.

so, you apply a texture through the materials panel. then you select vertices’s and click the Noise button, and Blender physically displaces those pixels according to the intensity of the texture each time the button is clicked.