Noise Cancelation...

Right now i should be working on my calculus due tomorrow… but i cant concentrate because of the massive amount of noise eminating from the vent fans that sit right outside both windows in my dorm room…

I thought it would be nice if i could create silence using some good ol fassioned highschool physics and cancel out the sound… but alas i dont have anything at my disposal except my computer…

does anyone know of any realtime noise canceling software for the computer… posibly something used in recording studio’s or the like?

or can anyone point me in the general direction of some sort of a fix for the noise?


hmmm… well you might be able to do it in audacity (free for macs - do they have it for pc?) - but you’ll need a microphone regardless, and I’m not sure exactly how to do it, but in theory it goes something like this:

sample like thirty seconds of the white noise, and then do a phase inversion (i.e. flip your troughs and peaks of dbs) then play it out of your speakers on loop. I’d be fascinated if this really works though.

really, I’d say just listen to your ipod with some mozart or chopin. always does the trick for me…

The technology already exists and is in use. It needs to be as close to real time as possible, a loop may get some of the repetative noise cancelled, but few things are repetative enough to work with, and synching a loop to the noise would be a real trick.
Yes, audacity is available for pc’s.

there is no realtime noise cancelling software. Computers just aren’t fast enough. It can be done in hardware though.

My advice? Take one PEN and insert into FAN. done.

I tried fiddling with audacity for a good hour with no luck but after doing more research i found out that the speaker set up also needs to be set up a certain way for that to work… i’ll keep experimenting and see if i cant rig up something… though in the long run i think a good pair of noise insolating earphones will do the job nicely…

anywho… thanks for your replies…

for a moderator I’d thought you’d be a little smrter

  1. if a computer isn’t “hardware” then what is it? if this “hardware” isn’t some kind of computer, what is it?

  2. an electric motor works by turning electricity into magnetism into physical force. if that motion has nowhere to go, it stays as electricity. and when electricity builds up, friction and heat in the wires build up.

this =

room on fire.

so, don’t take his advice.

“Hardware” here refers to a standalone peripheral dedicated to the task. LIKE A GRAPHICS CARD HUH. A graphics card is hardware but it isn’t a computer. Same here.

they are industrial vent fans… what pen is gonna hold up against one of them? lol

there is noise cancellation software /hardware available…

its right there in your room, between your shoulders:)

let me explain

I have someone above me on a hardwood floor that likes to hammer on the keyboard late at night. That could be really annoying, or you could turn it around ( as I did) and think of the keyboard tapping as the pitter patter of falling rain :smiley:

the sound of soothing rain, and I’m off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

at first it may sound silly, but give it a try, the brain can do amazing things.

cheers ( and good luck with calculus)

Before you make unsubstantiated claims, you might as well think about what I said.
Firstly, what I said was true. I am sorry that I didn’t explain the difference between a hardware implementation and a software implementation.
Hardware directly manipulates the electrical signal from the microphone, amplifies it, and sends it back out. Software just isn’t fast enough to do that.
Solutions like the bose headphones are hardware based, with specific chips and parts to do the work. It isn’t running any software in there.

Similar to what was mentioned about the graphics card. Graphics can be done in hardware or software. Which one is far faster? Hardware.

I do know what I am talking about.

And secondly, the latter part was a joke man. I didn’t expect him to stick a pen into the fan.

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