Noise elimination using a slightly different method. PLEASE TRY IT AND LET ME KNOW!

I think this is a relatively different method for noise elimination. It does use a stack, but as a reference, the same images are then re-stacked and then pixels are pulled based on brightness and hue, then replaced with pixels from the first simple stack. Try it if you can understand the readme. You’ll need to run a simple animation of a still image for 8 frames - each with a different seed - and then load those images by hand into the blend file. You’ll only need to do this once though. save the program as is, and after that, when you run the program it’ll look in the same place. The before and after images are from an Andrew Price blender file.

Yeah I know this is sort of complicated and I’m bad at explaining how to do this, BUT IT REALLY WORKS! AND IT WORKS BETTER THAN A SIMPLE IMAGE STACK! (imho)
Here’s the dropbox link:

If you don’t understand how to use it, tell me and I’ll try to help!