Noise/Grain reduction

Does anyone have any ideas of how to use the compositor to reduce grain in footage? The best thing I can manage so far it to split each color channel and use bilateral blur on each individually, then put them back together into the color image. Of course, this results in a small amount of blurring, and isn’t actually reducing grain, it’s just blurring it.

Any ideas?


You won’t be able to, it’s too much of a specialised and advanced process.

Avisynth would be the free / oss tool using something FFT3DFilter based:

What’s the source?

If you’re matting straightforward things like humans, then you can use the dialate node to remove noise and then re-bulk out the person with the erode node (or vice versa). Doesn’t work to well with complex objects though.

I think with cycles we might see a temporal filter type thing…

The source would be 2K film sequences. I’m also an After Effects and Nuke user, and was hoping Blender might have an add-on or something that would work in the same way the noise reduction filters do in those programs.

Ah well, thanks for the heads up. Maybe during Mango they’ll come up with something. :slight_smile: (one can dream…)