Noise in cycles render

hi i am trying an interior scene render with cycles but it gets so noisy. i tried everything that told in forum to avoid noises but no chance.


Maybe you should try portals.
However, these work with HDRI lighting only.

Try another render engine. Cycles isn’t for the task. Not really, not yet.

As michalis already said, this is not a scene Cycles feels very comfortable with. Large room, small light entrance: That’s a nightmare scenario for an unoptimized pathtracer like Cycles.

However, this doesn’t mean that there is no room for improvement. I don’t have time for a fully fledged tweaking session right now, but this might get you started (2000 samples, as given by your scene file. Got a bit brighter, though, from the tweaking. Feel free to tone that back down…:wink:

(Scene file).

thanks. i guess i must learn lightpath and also cycles logic. thanks again for the file.