noise in textures

Hi all:

Dont know exacly where to post this. I am making animations and I have observed that textures with high normal values work in a very strange way. They seem to shiver!! Well, the thing is that it seems that anytime you render a frame the noise value in textures change making a different texture pattern. Is that way? This can be just part of the answer because the same thing happens with normals with image textures.

How can I avoid this???

Thanks in advance

this section of the forum is for showing animations you’ve created, not asking for help.

The Noise texture function is basically video noise— it sends a random colour to each pixel each frame. If you render a video of a plane with a Noise texture on it,it will fizz like an out-of-tune TV. That’s why it hasn’t got any variables for scale, etc. If you want a grainy texture use a clouds or volvolvi scaled really small.

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