Noise Modifier?

(0knowledge) #1

Hey I know there is the fractal subdivide tool, however is there any way to add random “noise” to selected verts with out subdividing a mesh? Oh yah, I also am aware of the noise using texture data, but im looking for something that just adds the noise in a random way with out any reference data other than setting the amount of effect it would have on the verts.
Anyone know if a non-destructive modifer is in the works for something like this? That would seem like a nice addition.

Any help is appreciated.

(ondrew) #2

Seems like a job for Displace modifier in the upcoming version

(PapaSmurf) #3

the node only works on the image.
The Displace texture modifier physically displaces the vertices. i think. Disp various the depth. If displacing like a plane, make sure you have lots o verts.

(Alex_G) #4
  1. Give the mesh a material
  2. Give the material a “noise” texture
  3. Map the noise texture to “disp” (“Map To” tab in the materials buttons)
  4. Go into edit mode of the mesh and click “noise” a few times in the edit buttons (Mesh tools tab)

(IanC) #5

Alex, that only works in 1 dimension. I think a displace modifier would be best, with a procedural texture.

Try a cloud texture in colour, then in the displace modifier section chose “RGB->XYZ” instead of “normal”.