Noise modifier?

OK, a simple one:

Where is the noise modifier in 2.5 and how do I get to it?

If not then I’ll find away around. Thanks!


Not sure if this is what your asking, so sorry if it’s wrong.

But if you mean adding a noise amount to an f-curve animation line.

You can do that by opening the Graph Editor window.

Select the curve you wish to add noise to.

Press the N key and the F-Curve properties window will pop up.

One of the options is to add a modifier to the curve, one of those modifiers being Noise.

Also you can do Ctrl-Shift M, in the Graph Editor window. This will also bring up adding a modifier to a curve.

Attached is a blend file showing a noise setup.


Blender 2.52 - Noise Modifier.blend (64.9 KB)

Wasn’t the anwer to what I was asking but I found a way round that anyway. Your reply actually answered another problem I’ve just run in to. Thanks v much!