Noise Tips

Hi guys!I’m sure this question has been made hundreds of time but could someone give me some tips on how to render this scene in cycle with less noise??I’ve tryied everything:bounces are 128,“no caustics” is checked,the clamp is set to five,i’ve also used “light path” node tree to some of the materials and the result is still this

Some other advice??

I’m no expert, but from what I’ve read earlier Cycles doesn’t like many small’ish light sources. No guarantees, but for something similar (I had recessed lights though, as “ceiling tiles”, and not this many) I got cleaner results when I reduced the number of emitting faces to be the same mesh.

In this case, I would try to have the back walls as 4 connected faces as a big light, then mask out what the camera sees. Contribution to diffuse will increase, so maybe tone down the emission strength to compensate.

Hi ginovanta, 128 bounces is overkill, try other preset Limited GI.
How many samples are you render.
Take a look:

Cheers, mib

The link is in german…so basically i’d best increase samples even if the bounces are low??
CarlG i’ve not understood a thing you said ^_^,i’m still not an expert too,could you explain more simply please?

I tryied to render with the settings you see in the pic before this morning and i was getting a fairly nice noiseless result but the render seems to have stuck at 4 tiles and didn’t go on O_O…

Erm… 1,000 samples and “Square Samples” enabled? That’s 1,000 x 1,000 = 1,000,000 samples.
You might want to review that…:wink:

Aaand thanks to you!Let’s try if this makes a little difference

ginovanta, you can set page to english in top menu, sorry.

Cheers, mib

This is the result i achieved with 1500 samples,clamp 7 and progressive refine not checked

but it took almost 3 hours…is not good is it?