Noisy DOF

Whenever I render using Yafray and DOF, the DOF gives noisy results. Does anyone know what must be done to clean this up to obtain softer and smooother DOF? If I need to post a render, please let me know…


did you search!

i don’t know how many times i have said this!

turn off auto aa

set the settings to

passes = 4 or more

samples = 12 or more


lol i was sure i would get a response of this nature. :slight_smile:

if I was in any posistion to say so, I would say that your attitude needs adjusting and that you could stand to drink decaf.

of course, im not in that posistion because ive been just as big of an a** about not searching, etc.

dante: you should be ashamed of not being a know-it-all… :wink: More seriously, IIRC, even Modron was harshly answered by someone about a “trivial” question he asked a few days ago, while most of us know that Modron spends most of his own time helping other in most of the forums. Strange times. I’m wondering if bashing is getting the use on online forums, Elysiun and others alike. Hope not. :expressionless:

i am sorry that you took that as flaming - i assure you it wasn’t (i know flaming - i’ve been in those hot shoes!)

my frustration with you was that you didn’t even bother to look on that page when you posted! on that page was like three threads on yafray and in each of those (pretty much all identical) we posted about both the fuzziness and on caustics - had you even just looked at the titles you would have found your answer thread! the ! are for emphassis (shouting is CAPSLOCK) so i didn’t raise my voice once - just emphasized the statements.

so in the future use search or atleast look at that page for threads that could possibly concern your question. Sorry again if this sounds flaming - again i assure you it isn’!

:wink: ----------------------------------------

yes it is a shame about modron! i was on his side totally! he was treated terribly when all he does is help out! :frowning: