noisy eyes with cycles

With 1000 samples I still get noisy eyes (render cycles)
Maybe somebody could help me with the eye-lens material.

try enabling no caustics and setting filter glossy to 1

No caustic is not working for because refraction materials are not working then so it must be off.

You can try the light path trick for glass to reduce noise. Replace any glass shader with this setup.

I used it in this cornea shader, at 300 samples it’s noise free.

Thanks I found another solution just had to set the clamp to 10.0 and bounces min to 1.
Now I see another problem the skin is showing cracks ??

I’ve seen that. I think you need to adjust your start and end clipping. Properties panel (N) View, Clip, start and end. It won’t show up in real (non viewport) renders though

Ok Thanks.
Properties panel View clipping is set to default.
If the real render looks good its okay for me.
Also I am making new textures with gimp right now.

Cracks are known precision problem on BVH cell boundary. hard to avoid, it tend to be huge in orthografic mode, and at some extreme object scales in other camera. I doubt near clip have relation to them, Cycles work other way than Z buffer.

Thanks for explaining.

The cracks shouldn’t be visible when rendering.

Alternatively you can press Num5 to change your view type and see if it is still happening.