Noisy hair render

(Abolfazl Sayadi) #1

hey everyone i tried to make some hair particles but every time i have same problem in same area of my model … it has some noises in rendering! i have increase the render samples but the problem is still was there…
what should i do to resolve it?!

thank you

(qomolangma) #2

you can use denoise function, pay attention to feature strength , i recommend to set the feature strength to 1, at the same time decrease 0.2.

(Abolfazl Sayadi) #3

unfortunately the problem is still there and with feature strength setting i didn’t render what i want! i think the problem is come from an another thing!

(Lumpengnom) #4

Does the hair material have transparency or something like that? If that is case try increasing the relevant bounces.

(Peter18) #5

Looks like an artefact of some kind rather than traditional noise. Are you rendering on GPU?

Also, on a slightly different note, that’s some nice looking hair! Would you be able to share your node setup?

(Abolfazl Sayadi) #6

i used two hair BSDF one for transmission and mixed with diffuse… and another one is set on reflection that mixed with glossy shader…
nope! rendering with cpu

(Abolfazl Sayadi) #7

i use Full global illumination for light paths but it didn’t work so

(Romanji) #8

Whats your goal? Still or Animation?
If its a still just fix it in post.
Look at it from an economic standpoint. If you are doing a still, you already have wasted way too much time trying to fix the problem when you could retouch it in Photshop/Gimp in a minute.

(Abolfazl Sayadi) #9

Yes you right dude!
it is just a still frame model
first i comb hairs to get rid of these noises and after two times of trying i retouched in photoshop!
thank you!

(Romanji) #10

No problem and remember this lesson.
You can apply it to everything.
If you are in production, the end result is your goal, fixing something for 5 minutes in Photoshop vs searching for hours for a solution to make the render spit out the correct image is an economic problem (time management)
Its something the big studios do all the time. The observer doesn’t care if you “cheat” and you’ll work less and have more free time (which you can use to improve other things).