Noisy renders

Hi, I’m relatively new to cycles, and am having a common problem with most of my renders/animations. There is noise everywhere, making the end result look like this

I have googled around and reduced colours intensity (this was meant to help) but it still looks the same. I would really like help, as I can’t really progress in my short film making with this :confused: thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Have you changed any of the render settings ? The default render settings use a low number of samples which can lead to grainy renders.
There are a lot of render settings and the amount of noise also depends on your scene. The materials and types of lighting can have a large impact on noise as well as the render settings used.
It is usually best to upload a demo blend file to somewhere like so other users can see your scene and are then able to give specific advice

I would say more direct lighting and see what that does. Allot of times it don’t need to be bright It just needs to be there

Thanks :slight_smile: will try these

Thanks, will try :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot all, tried out these and resulting renders are much less noisy :slight_smile: Thanks again