Noisy screen in UPBGE 0.3 game engine

as the title says , the screen become noisy when i start the game engine , i installed UPBGE 0.3 yesterday and i am inexperienced with the new UI and EEVEE all that good stuff , tried to use EEVEE bloom and this was the result

am i doing somthing wrong ?

Perhaps i should move the post to game engine topic so you ll have more chance?

not sure where it was before, but upbge eevee is basically the same as normal eevee, so any help on improving eevee should carry over.

to me it looks like simple ssr issues, pretty much par for the course.

You can use “denoising” option to smooth SSR noise, but your moving objects in game will get blurring around them.

BTW, in most games you won’t use display surfaces like mirrors, instead textures with normal maps and some roughness, so the noise will be lot less noticeable.

Try deactivating View-Port Denoising.

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Excuse me , dump question but , Where i can find it ?

No problem.
It should be found in the Properties Window -> Sampling.

Also, it just accorded to me, that your pixel glitches might be that your screen-resolution may not be getting enough render Samples.
Sampling can of course be found in the … Sampling selection :slight_smile:

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Try with “ViewPort Render”, it looks better with this activated.


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There is also ‘planar reflect probes’
They increase the quality quite a bit.


Thank you sooo much ! , also you guys but i can only choose one solver :sweat_smile:

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If my solution wasn’t 100.0% the solution then removing the “Solution” on my post would be more fair to others.

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