"Noisy Style" smear frames for 3d NPR renders (Blender Internal, Cycles, and Eevee)[Fixed]

Quite a few people seem interested in my smear frame setup

Specifically the “Noisy” style.
So here I will try my best to explain it

this works in Blender Internal and Cycles.
It can work in Eevee with some work arounds
You can follow this video to get a Vector pass in Eevee

I am only covering the smear frames in the tutorial, and not materials or outlines seen in the original

For this to work the “Vector” pass must be enabled in the Scene tab

This is an overview of the node setup

Up top the Vector Pass is connected to a Separate RGBA node
Then each value (R,G, and B) are ran through a Math node set to Absolute(To make sure it’s positive) then a Greater Than node with a bottom value set to 0
The 3 values are then added together and clamped. This results in the mask for several mix nodes

Most of the effect happens at the start. The Vector pass is multiplied into a noise texture using a Mix node set to multiply (Not a math node) and inputted into a Vector Blur node.

Different Noise textures can be used to achieve different styles and effects.

I set the samples to 4 so there isn’t a huge blurry mess. It cannot be set any lower or no blur is produced. The Blur value can be adjusted to suit your needs and a Speed min and max can also be set to prevent unwanted smearing

Next is to separate the newly generated blur from the background for color correction
It uses the alpha (set earlier) as a mask to place the smeared mesh over the background and other objects
A color correction node of your choice can be placed directly after the Set Alpha node if desired
The final Mix node mixes the original object over top the blurred object

And this is the result. Obviously like traditional smear frames it looks better in motion

If no smearing occurs make sure the Speed values on the Vector Blur node are set appropriately and that the object has animated motion

Thank you for reading!