Nokia 8910i WIP (Photorealistic)

hello, me again… another WIP since i got tired of keep on doing the same toyota supra model but i will continue that project too.
Here are some screenshots( well its one, sorry been kinda busy)!!!
C&C are most welcomed!!!



Thank you

Looks nice. But render and I think it will be easier to crit it.

Sure… i will put on a rendered scene in about a week… still a student… got lots of stupid assignments do **** up!!!


One week? Why not render it when you are doing your homework? It take maximum 5 minutes to upload.

It looks like it might be a little heavy on subserf but it’s hard to tell.

When you show wires you should atleast have front view and it’s good to show a side view too.

what do you mean by too heavy on the subsurf??? kinda curious… i am still noob compared to u guys… haha… %|

I think the subsurf level is fine. Blender now seems to make the render iterations for subsurf, default to 2.

Looks like a nice clean mesh.


…he posted like one screen, and its hardly anything to see there, and people are commenting on that? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the magic of elYsiun!

I’m impressed, I can post 4-5 images in a thread and only get two or three comments.

Agreed a render would be better, but from what I can see it looks pretty good so far.


New update… see above… :slight_smile:

jz feelin gud today… so… more updates… haha…
been workin 4 like… 5 hours flat…


Latest update…
lack of a few buttons… and i don’t know how to texture the 8910i…