Nokia N80

Started working on this last night. Still needs a lot of work with the textures and the shell itself. Several details are missing currently. Tell me what you think. :slight_smile:

This newer version has HDRI-lighting and was processed with Yafray (Method:Full/Quality:High), no changes in the overall model yet.

ummmmmm… I don’t see anything :confused:

You don’t? That’s really weird. I’m looking at this page and I see the image. It even came back with your reply. So now there are two of them.

I see it now. For some reason earlier, it wasn’t there.
Looks good. Just need to be more refined I think.

U need to make the edge creases sharper (shift-E) and the render has alot of pixelations where the spec is high. Maybe increase the OSA to get rid of the aliasing.