"Nomad: a neat new iOS and Android sculpting app"

Former Sketchfab developer Stéphane Ginier has released Nomad, a promising new digital sculpting app for iPads and Android tablets.

The $13.99 app enables artists to sculpt and paint organic characters on the move, then export the results in OBJ or glTF format to refine in other DCC software.

A rounded set of digital sculpting, 3D painting and remeshing features
Nomad includes a rounded set of sculpting features, adapted for use on a touchscreen, or with the iPad’s Apple Pencil


Sounds good, thanks for sharing!

Really nice modern UI and pbr/ibl viewport. Bit too much scrolling though. Separate sculpt/paint tabs would be nice, and a lot of the menus on the right have way too much wasted space and could definitely be condensed.

Shame it’s wasted on tablets. Would love to see this developed for Windows.

Maybe BF could take a few notes on a nicely organised sculpting environment… :wink:

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Now we know why SculptGL and Sculptfab development died… :smile:

Why Waste? The Pencil defeats the windows Stylus in many ways.

Maybe you’re right. I’ve never tried a modern tablet/pencil. Personally, if I was looking for a Zbrush sculpting alternative for sketching I’d much rather see a decent VR option.

The surfacePro has the advantage of running windows apps which is a well significant plus.

But battery and stylus are so so.

Android or iOS tablets have often much better tabled based software interfaces.
Shapr3D for example which is a cad modeling app on iOS is extremely easy to use with the pencil and fingers.

However with that said what is interesting is how some of the iOS app makers branched out into Android and now also to windows based tablets too.

This app is super fast and the feel of the brush is similar to zbrush this first version have a lot of tool


Some other test


how good could this be used to sculpt objects like a power drill hammer snow shovel etc ?

It have some cutting tools and cutting projects tools but I haven’t test it I will do and let you know

Shapr3d is better for industrial design

I make model this base drill shape with a sphere and cilinder and the cutting tools, flatten and smooth brush, the pinch brush to refine some edges .

Shapr3D is pretty great

I am however also curious how clay sculpting could be used to make mock-up

instead of using sketching poly modeling or nurbs modeling

thinking about it using foam and clay but just digitially

This is with some extra details

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What is your comparison to the other two sculpting apps Forger and Sculptra ?

Also ( I am asking because I never did much with sculpting) how would you compare those to Blender build in?

Why do you use the iPad? Because it has a display to sketch over?

  • Sculptura is to limited There is no setting for Brushes is good to explore.
  • forger is more professional tool but the behavior of the brush is not good I‘have to tweak a lot to get the feeling I want.
    Forger have: A complete masking system,polygrup,Layer, extra Texture paint system, vertex paint and more…
  • Nomad have everything that forger have and better.
  • brush feels like zbrush I love it
  • Multires subdivisions
  • Voxel Remesh system
  • dynamics topology
  • the layer system is awesome feel nice
  • a lot of brush for organic modeling and hard surfaces
  • complete mask system
  • intuitive interface
  • PBR render, matcap and much more pro level…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for the feedback

So nomad can can compete well with blender sculpt?

Obviously the iPad and pencil is a great modeling tool and nomad is not that expensive

It’s only $14.99 usd I think is an excellent investment

If you’re just referring to Blender sculpt mode then 100%. Tried out Nomad on my crappy old Samsung Note 4(I just use this a an Ebook at this stage) Performance was potatoe levels(as expected), but I just wanted to check the features and it’s very impressive.

I’m coming from a very long history of Zbrush use and I would go as far as saying that I would gladly purchase a brand new tablet/pen just to have Nomad available to me.

It’s unbelievably simple to use, very modern and artist-friendly UI(PBR/IBL/matcaps), has all the features and brushes you need - dynamic topology/multires/remeshing.

Clay brush feels decent, which is VERY important to me. In my opinion the Blender Clay engine isn’t up to scratch.

Having said all that, I only used the app in potatoe/fat finger mode so I can’t comment on performance or how the sculpting feels with a stylus/pen.

For the price though, Nomad might as well be free. You can install the trial and check it out yourself. If you have no sculpting experience and a good pad/pen then this is a perfect introduction to sculpting without the distractions of a full 3D program.

All you need are Clay/Move/Flatten/Dam_Standard(called Draw Sharp in Blender) brushes and you’re off. You can sculpt absolutely anything with these 4 basic brushes.