Nomadic warrior themed character

Hey everyone, Its a new year and Im starting to put my first demo-reel together of some different characters/creatures and environments. Ive been working on this guy for the past few days, bouncing around concepts in Zbrush. This was created from a sphere using dynamesh to get his form/body then extract mask to get the clothing and armor. Im about 1/2 way done, needs a few more detailing passes/asymmetrical details and a good pose (though it will probably be a subtle pose with his arms down…maybe 1 hand on a weapon). Anyways, Ive attached a picture and turntable so you can see the entire model. Let me know what you think, any major critiques or obvious flaws? Just wanted to share, pretty stoked on how this is turning out so far. Thanks and hope you enjoy

I like it. Although two things come to mind. 1. Either the legs seem a little short, or the torso looks a little elongated. 2. I would really like to see this character heaving a cool spear. Maybe that is more action than you’d like, but to me he looks built for battle, and a pose mid throw could look pretty cool. Or, two hands grasping a ball and chain mid swing.

Good work.

He looks good as an RPG type warrior/creature. His elbows look a bit knobly though, I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be warped like that or not.

thanks for the comments guys! Ive been re adjusting some things, lengthened the legs a bit (a buddy of mine said the same thing about short legs lol). An epic action pose would be pretty cool, Ill see what I can do without having to retopo the entire thing and all the pieces. I’ll fix the elbows too, I noticed they were a bit knobby. Anywho, heres an updated pic. Changed a few things mainly the belt and sash or whatever you call it. Hopefully by tomorrow night Ill be finished with this guy and can move on to the next, figure 4 good models with some environments should be good for a demo reel?

Getting closer to the final image, hopefully by the end of today Ill have a finished character.

new update, got the scene put together for the most part and added a few things to the character. He needs some more asymmetrical detailing/props and the environment styled turntable could use a few extra things. But hes mostly finished! Need to add some weapons in as well and thats a wrap, might paint him as well but well see. Check the turntable if you get a chance too. Anywho, let me know what you guys think. This will be part of my demo reel. just need 3 more characters whoot haha

nice!! it reminds me of the skyrim character :stuck_out_tongue: its probably the helmet

Thanks man, yea I think of skyrim/viking type games too when I look at this haha. When I was concepting the helm, i thought to myself “hmmm…fuckin ram horns yeaaaa” haha. I figured out uv layouts and poly painting in zbrush so heres a roughly painted version. It really helps define the character I think as opposed to the clay render