non BGE topics (3rd party engines)

Frequently I see projects which reside here in the game engine (BGE?!?) section,
but aren’t targeting the BGE at all. :eek:

Now I do not intent to discriminate based on choice of engines. But in my personal opinion the Game Engine should be support for the general use and support of the BGE, not so much 3rd party engines.

Maybe the 3rd party engine projects can get their own (sub)category or so? :confused:

note, my intentions aren’t to ban out other solutions then the BGE, but it would be nice to increase the contrast, so you know when you track and trace projects and open threads you assume you are interested in, because these are assumed to be BGE topics,… that then these actually are BGE targeting threads.

For using Blender as general model application, there is a whole lot of categories out there besides the Game Engine (BGE) category.

IMO: :eyebrowlift2:
Game Engine == BGE
Other non BGE questions/threads/topics should reside in their respective categories.
(Modeling, models request for non BGE projects, is just Blender models, non BGE animation question, is a general Blender animation question, et cetera).

I hope I ain’t too far off shore here or offend anyone. But I feel it would be more clear and keeping overview of the Game Engine (not Game Engines, right?) targeting just the BGE. To gather and share info and discuss the BGE. :confused:

Other software:

But I see where this is coming from, where is a direct category for 3rd party game engine projects?

Support threads for other engines usually do not get much support here. So they die really fast. If somebody take care on them this is fine too. it shows that we know more than just one tool.

We accept finished games that where created with the help of blender (usually modelling in blender). I’m not that happy about, but we accepted them in the past and I do not see a reason why not continue with it. It helps supporting blender and we do not have that many finished games. Out finished games forum would be the natural choice to present them. There are not that many anyway. Support must go to the forums of the used engines.

I do not really care if someone recruits for a game developed with another engine. It is up to the users if they want to join or not.