Non-Blender Game Engine

Hi all,

first of all, I’m NOT a programmer but still looking for a game engine to check some idea’s I have. I’m considering 3D GameStudio A6 and Torque but I cannot really figure out the difference between them (regardless of coding).

Can anyone help me or do you know of another good engine? I have some Virtools experience but as it is too expensive I cannot consider it.

I do not care about model conversion at this point, I just need a tool that allows me to ‘easily’ assign behaviours/keys/movements … no fancy stuff :wink:


whats wrong with the blender game engine? well, if you dont need 3-d, you can use game maker(sorry, i cant remember the website).

Other 3D Game engine exist like Virtools 2.5 but blender is for me a good
way to learn how a 3D engine is made and how you can move and make some people in real time

Torque is absolutely amazing, but don’t expect to just drag and drop button assignments/behaviors… If you are just playing around then use the blender engine. The models will already be in blender, so why hassle with exporting to something else just for playing around?

If you get a good idea going, there is an exporter for Blender to Torque available when you purchase Torque. Exporter for models/anim only… don’t go thinking you can export the game logic.

So with that said, make your character run/jump in blender but don’t go to in depth if you plan on taking it to a new engine, because it will all change.

If you can use Torque to is full potential you wont be disapointed with it. It may require some coding though, so you would have to look into it further to make sure you don’t purchase something you can’t use.

There are always many game development things going on that anyone can join these days. I often see people seeking good modelers more than they seek good programers. Both are equally important and in demand though. This wouldn’t let you do YOUR ideas, but you could find something your interested in and try to get in a few ideas of your own. Just another option if you like.

Is torque simply for apple computers. I’m confused which is beter torque or blender.

Shit man, blitz3d is the best, one of the cheapest, the easyest, and probably the one with better results.

Download the demo and try the samples that come with it. Then check out the samples on the site. There’s one of an egyptian temple that rocks.

One cool thing about blitz is the community. There are many willing to help you get rid of your questions.

If you’re looking for something better, run a search on google for the Nebula SDK. It’s a bunch of libraries that were used in making Project Nomads. But this one is for pros.

cool, that even helped me…i am probly gonna buy biltz now…oh, boy

CrystalSpace is free. But a bit complex, even for programmers and still a work in progress. Lots of people are involved with it though.