non-camera view gone haywire


My blend file is a little upset. I was working on it like I’ve been doing the rest of the day I guess, and all of a sudden, I can’t view my meshes anymore. The only way I can view them is by viewing through the camera.

If I move the 3D cursor anywhere, it is always located at the following coordinates;

X: -1.#J
Y: -1.#J
Z: -1.#J

If I change UI layout some have the same problem and some don’t.

If I open a new file, this problem is not present. This rules out hardware failure (as far as I know, I would be surprised if it is hardware failure as my PC is practically dead).

Check it out for yourself. I hope (or not) that the problem is still present after I compressed it. It would be weird if it weren’t, though.


Large door.blend (365 KB)

I ca’t figure it out either. One work around is to simply start a new blendfile, and append everything to it I tried that and had no problem doing it. However, after I had all the objects in the scene, I tried to look at all the layers at once, and when I zoomed out sufficiently to see everything the glitch happened again. I think the scene is simply too large in scale for Blender to handle it. I 've heard several times that it doesn’t matter how big or small things are, but I know that the clip start and end and the grid have to be calculated, so it must have some effect.

I never had such a problem before. I have a lot of clipping issues where verts/edges/faces get shown through other faces, but lowering the clip end value fixed that for the most part.

The meshes in the blend file are not at all large, the one I’m working on is like 10 units in height. I’ve had meshes several hundreds of units across which had no issues at all.

I’ve baked an AO map 20 times over or something because it kept coming out wrong, in the end, recalculating the normals fixed it… Although I had done that several times when the entire mesh was still multiple pieces.

After linking the model, I found out that the moment I enter editmode, the next frame the same problem occurs.

In the blend you posted, the object called Door has a Z dimension of 10,000 !!
Select it and in object mode Ctrl+A Scale and Rotation to ObData.
Shift+C will centre the view with the curser at 0,0,0 to show you whole model.


Woa, It definately wasn’t that large when I was actually working on it. That’s a fact.

Anyway, I tried that, and it did show me my object out of camera view, but when I middle-mouse orbit around it for even a little bit it just dissapears again.

God… I think I’m going to download 2.48a or something again, see if reverting to that works.

Shift C to centre your curser and view. After that it was all ok. Reverting to an older blender won’t help you. It is your model which is at fault. Correct it and everything works as you want.


Woa freakish. I think I’ve fixed it. I had it viewing correctly after you told me it had a Z dimension of 10,000 and I fixed it. Though it still did really weird. Correcting the dimensions and stuff worked too, but orbiting made it go haywire again.

Finally, it appears as if there was something waaaay out, I selected what I needed, inverted my selection (appearantly there still was something) and deleted that. It now works…

I still can’t seem to figure out what went wrong…