Non conected wireframe of surface in vector format?

Hi. Is there any way to use Blender to make a surface and then from that surface generate a really high res image or preferably vector format that looks something like this:

(curves sugesting the surface but not connected like a wireframe mesh)

There’s no built in function for it no.

But it’s not that hard to do… You could create a script to create the lines along a surface… or you could simply do some clever texturing. It’ll take some work though.

I haven’t tried this script yet, but your example image looks a lot like the thumbnail example for the BAG script.

Blender Analytical Geometry 0.0.5

Might be worth a look-see.

Dupliframes with Curves:


brilliant! thank you very much. all solutions look great.
Fligh %: how’d you do the great coloring of the lines with the dupliframes? Do lines render … hmm, have to check?