non-coplanar quads

hi all

I have a number of quad faces that need to be absolutely flat, but when the scene us rendered it’s obvious that some are not quite flat.

Is there a simple way of either making a quad’s vertices coplanar, or failing that , of making non-coplanar quads more obvious, so I can adjust the vertices by hand?


If the quad’s normal is one of the axes, you can scale to zero to line its vertices up [select them, then s, x, zero for x axis, etc.] If the quad’s normal is not one of the axes, you can rotate it until it is (keeping track of the amount of rotation so you can put it back when you’re done.)

I’ve done this with success but I cannot assure that it’ll work in absolutely every case, although it should:
Select your ‘unflat’ quad. In the transform orientation droplist (next to the manipulator icon) choose ‘Normal’. Activate the manipulator if you want: it won’t get used but it gives a nice clue as to what’s going on. The Zaxis (the blue one) of it should point in the normal direction.
Now simply hit the Skey for scale, then the Zkey twice to limit the scale to the z direction, i.e. the normal direction and enter zero using the keyboard.

thanks for the replies, guys. The normal scale trick worked perfectly, as you can see in the highlighted bottom right quad of my avatar here :slight_smile: