Non destructive joining/grouping addon

thanks for sharing! it works very nice now.

Hi aivanis!

Very helpful addon
There is a small bug yet. I noticed that when an object has Subsurf subdivision (for example view set :1, render: 3) and then you create a Smart Join object blender will render Subsurf but as its view and not render setting. So this sj object will be rendered with 1 subdivision.

I use v. 2.76 and 1.0.3 Smart Join

Hey, that’s almost exactly like the “Container” type object I mocked up here. Nice! I’ll give this a try.

Could the add-on somehow propagate the modifiers on the container onto objects it contains where you choose expand? So you can have Subdivision Surface on the container for instance, and when you expand it the objects retain the modifier?

Man Thank you!
I have since 2 days the problem, how to add a deform modifier for a bunch of objects!
Really apreciated!

@dezet: I know about it and it is not simple to fix. The smart join won’t get any rendering setting of children modifiers, it just merges children viewport meshes and gives you the merged mesh while children are deleted (and fake user is set).

@PLyczkowski: That isn’t to hard to make, but most modifiers will look completely different, e.g. array modifier, decimate…
Interesting container proposal. I would like to see functionality like this built into some future version of Blender.

@tungee: Thank you. That was one of the things I felt was missing from Blender, before I made this.

I wish I would have known about this addon so much sooner… This is how grouping should behave and why your addon is not included in Blender by default is beyond me. Super useful!

Excellent!!! Thank you for super handy feature!! That’s extremely helpful!!!

I have tested this addon in general it works great. Thank you one more time for such cool addon!!
But I have some issue (or maybe I just miss something )
So my issue is: when I create objects and SmartJoin them after duplicating (Shift+D)
inner objects still linked to these copies, which is a bit dangerous, because in this case original can be accidentally spoiled, and you find this only during expanding (if forget to use Update operator). So maybe there is any chance to make another additional smart join operator which will keep base geometry unique while copying?
I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts according to this. Thank you!

Im having problem with the addon for this model. When i click on Separate S Join the model or mesh is deleted. When i click on expand smart join there is a empty cube only no mesh inside. How to separate my mesh im hang up with my model.I do not want to Apply smart join. Plz help

Sorry for the bump but would it be possible to update this addon for 2.8?

Right now the only alternative for grouping like this (that I know of) is GroupPro which is a paid addon.

Wow such an amazing ad on ! Thank you ! Do you think it would be possible to access vertex groups while several meshes are smart joined to do weight painting? Currently I have hundreds of separate meshes that make up an avatar and I need them to be separate so that I can toggle them on and of. However I also need to do manual weight painting and can always only weight pain on one mesh out of many at a time. It would be great if I could temporarily join them for weight painting and then separate them again after the vertices have been assigned to the rig.