Non-destructive modeling: is it possible?


is it possible to create any shape with non-destructive modeling with the hardops addon?

the model below was created with the destructive tools of the blender itself in: edit mode
how could I create this model in Hardops non-destructively?
not wanting to be inconvenient :
is it possible for someone to make a video modeling this model?


Iam not sure if you can do this non destructively, or if it is even beneficial. I see easy shape. Two extrudes, and one boolean operation. You can do a lot usually with the modifiers which are non destructive modeling as seen here

You can but it might not look that good.

Boolean union to add the two shapes, boolean difference to cut the two circles.
Bevels might look kinda bad at the end though.

And since you don’t have the apply the modifiers, it’s not destructive.

Per this playlist it’s best approached topologically and destructively.

For this I d’ont think you can use non destructive tools because you must use boolean and with this round shape you get very ugly shading

Yes but the shading d’ont look good. It’s possible to solve shading artefact but you need apply the boolean

Is there a reason you need the keep the original shape? You can just duplicate and make your edit.