Non-destructive-ShapeTransfer solved

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for an opportunity
to transfer the shape-deformation of the first object to a second object which is then further deformed by an armature deformer.
The reason why I need this is
a it would be clearer in the outliner,
b in the 2nd rig less problems with bone-hierarchy

this is a workflow in Softimage
mainly used for facerigs
There it is possible to keep the connection to the sourceshape.

So far I haven’t found a way,
I can probably move the shapes from one to another
Object(join as Shape), but I would have liked to transfer the animation/change from the 1.rig to the 2.rig as well.
I was hoping that DataTransfer would give me this possibility
but even here I can’t get a live connection to the 1.rig,
either I’m doing something wrong, or this is not possible in Blender right now.

help wanted

The meshes are basically the same? Surface deform modifier. (Nicely improved in 2.83.)

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Great! :+1:
Thanks again, it works!

This is a workflow I often use in Softimage.

shape-setup-geo (bone/-shapebased) inherits the deformation
to the 2nd geometry which is deformed with bones, for example,
the surface modifier seems to make this possible,

As an example from Softimage a gif : on the left the Facerig (with mouth/eyelidsetup) on the right the Bodyrig which gets the shapes from the left one.


Bandages your forum-name is program!

Do you have a Youtube channel or a supporthotline on Gumroad?! :wink:
second time you’ve been able to help me, these are very important
Information you give me,
25 years of rigging/animation in softimage where I learned a certain workflow.
And these I would like to take with me in Blender, not all of them but the ones that are good.

Here is a simple approach with the Suface modifier created it in 2.90.

inherit_forms.blend (684.9 KB)

thanks a lot

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I’m happy whenever something so easy to say was so useful :slight_smile:

I’m doing something very similar with a split facial/body rig at the moment.

No gumroad or anything, nope.