Non-dynamic problems

Helle everybody!

I am about to make a game where you drive with a tank and shoot something, but anyways i have a problem. My tank is not Dynamic it is making drive by the dloc and drot. But my problem is that the tank just move trough all the other object.
How could i solve that??

Thanks for you help!!

As far as i know, in order for blender to calculate collisions, the two objects have to be dynamic actors.

use Vlin, force and torque… the ones you are using are specially made to defeat the collision detection

thanks, but it doesn´t work!! maybee i haven´t adjust it right??


the dynamic button must be pressed, sorry about that.

If you do not want your model effected by the gravity make an Always–And–motion=Vlin +z local .001

That will nail it in place when the player is not moving it.
Sorry about the first comment, I honestly thought that would work.

Could you please explain exactly what i am supossed to do!!

When i press the dynamic button and P, the objec just started moving weard an moved away. and it doesn´t move like i want it to!!!..

It is pretty difficukt to explai, the easyest thing were to post the blend fil but i don´t know how!

Is anyone knowing??