Non-Glsl water I made for the Krum game

Hi, I’m giving you my non-glsl water made for Krum game. It works with 2.49b and lower.

Use arrow keys to move.

Your game isn’t GLSL? O_O

Man that water is great stuff! :smiley:

holy crap… good stuff

hey thanks man!

haidme, i tried to make the same effect water in bge, however i have encountered a problem. When i add a texture and made it reflective (under UV/Image > Image > Realtime texture mapping > Reflection" I cannot get the same effect as your even when i am using the same texture. Is there any other setting i must change to achieve the same effect? This is the step I am using:

  1. create a plane
  2. enter edit mode >> ‘unwrap’
  3. in uv/image editor panel, i open “water_refl.png” (from your blend file)
  4. I set uv/image editor panel >> image >> realtime texture mapping >> reflection"

In your blend file, the reflected image look scaled up. While in mine, the reflected image look scaled down… any suggestion.

Hmm, strange…this is exactly the steps i done for the reflection,but with 2.46.

Could this be updated to 2.6 because it would be very helpful? Thanks,

Updated to 2.5x (Thanks for bringing my attention to this resource. I think I shall be using it…)

Here’s the blend

And a 2.60 version… Hmm… cant upload… try again later.

A 2.60 version on Ubuntu1:

GREAT! i need that!

You haven’t upgraded to 2.6, or even 2.5 yet? :smiley: makes sense though, seeing as you would’ve had to go back and recreate alot of your code from the years you’ve been working on Krum…
Looks amazing :smiley: well done!

Thanks for updating this resource!

@micah702 Thanks!
I haven’t upgraded to 2.5-2.6 not because of the code, actually I can rewrite it for 2.6 in a matter of a day or two, but because I still do not see a worthy reason to do that.
On contrary I’m using very advanced sound system, made over pyGame module, that works with 2.49 and it is impossible to use it with 2.6, because pyGame still uses Python 2.x. and bge sound support is… how to say it … missing. (I mean, sound system, that actually works for a big and complicated game)
Hopefully Harmony will convince me to move on the latest bge version for my next project.

Since GSoC2011 NeXyon has integrated Audaspace in Blender.

Hmm, I didn’t know about that,how I’d missed it :). Looks interesting. I’ll check it out. Thanks HG1

@sdfgeoff, is there any chance you could re-upload that? Preferably to PasteAll or something because I’m getting a 404 error. This resource is quite helpful to me! :slight_smile:

I re-upload it.

Thank you.

Here’s a new link (sorry for not noticing this earlier) that water is great stuff!