Non-hair static Particles

I want to make a demo of quantum tunneling for teaching purposes and I’m having a slight problem. Using the Jahka patched build, or even just standard particles, I can make a decent quantum field, but I want to animate the camera circling around the atom as it is at the 100th frame of the particle animation. How do I freeze it at frame 100? Seems the only reason to make the particles static is to make hair or grass etc, like making the particle path a single line. I want to make the particles themselves freeze in one place so I can animate the camera. Thanks in advance for any help.


The link below is a simple example of a time IPO for the emitter object. Just hit Alt a to watch it. I have never used a time ipo in an actual project, I’ve just heard about them, and they sound as if it could be a solution to your problem.

Best of Luck!

Wow… Solves it perfectly. Thanks man!

Glad I could be of some help!